Pedi Time

During a trip to Florida for the weekend I was able to experience a taste of the approaching summer coming to Chicago.  Aside from the sunburn and my sudden jorts obsession, I realized that I am completely lacking in the summer shoe department.  And the nice looking toes department.

The sandal search begins.  I started with Target, Asos (the best part is you never have to leave your couch), and Steven Madden.

Flower platforms from ASOS and Aldo

More prints from Steve Madden and Target

Just a touch of color from Madden Girl and Target.

I’m not complaining here, but it’s hard to get away from platforms.  And prints. And brights.  But who cares! it’s all so summery and trendy.  I especially love the last two picks, featuring just a glance of the colors that make your outfit up-to-date.  Easier to wear than the tribal for flower patterns, but never boring.  Perf.


Richard Chai for Go: International

I’m saving up for a deposit on a new apartment, so I’m not sure if my bank account is ready for this weekend, when Target releases the next Go: International collection designed by Richard Chai.  There is something for everyone in Target’s latest offering, ranging from dainty floral pieces to vests that echo the current menswear trend.  I’m definitely going to need the long cardigan, and I love the full skirts too. Sigh — well, I guess this is what my American Express is for.  To view more of the collection, visit Target’s website.

Rogan for Target

This past weekend, Target released its latest Go: International collection, designed by Rogan Gregory.  Rogan won the 2007 CFDA award, and he specializes in creating clothes that are sustainable and eco-friendly.  After checking out the line in person, I’ve decided that it’s one of my favorite Go: International collections.  I saw at least five pieces that I need to have, and the one shirt I did end up getting fits really well (although I’m usually a small and it’s XS).  Here are some highlights of the line so far:



When I was at Target, I bought a black+white striped Rogan tee.  It’s perfect for tucking into high-waisted pants or shorts, and the sleeves are rolled and tied up with buttons.  Here’s a shot of it, polaroid-style:


To view more of the collection, visit Target’s website!


I couldn’t resist!

 I was at Target under the guise of buying replacement water filters, but I think we all know my real reason for visiting — Jovovich Hawk! My Target in St. Petersburg had a lot of the styles that are featured on their website, plus a few more cute options.  The piece that I took home with me is the maroon dress that I’m wearing above.  Don’t adjust your computer screens — the buttons are diagonally aligned on purpose.  You can’t see them, but there are also buttons on the tops of the shoulders and on the bottom of each side of the dress.  If I go back to peruse the line some more, I think I might take a closer look at the star-print bikini, which looked really good in person and also incorporates the star trend that’s going on without being too mall-punky.  

A word of warning: I would advise against buying any of the outfits on Target’s website, as I feel the sizing is pretty irregular and it would probably be best to get in the fitting room and try on the clothes before you make any purchasing decisions.  I’m a size 4 US but the dress I got ended up being an XS. 

Coming (Very!!) Soon: Jovovich Hawk for Target


Pieces from Target’s next Go: International designers, Jovovich Hawk, will be available March 2nd (to view more of the line, click here).  I’m happy to see that the designers are going to be showcasing the types of dresses that their signature line is known for–flowy, simple, girly, and flattering.  If dresses don’t whet your fashion appetite, the duo also serves up other styles as well, includingsome nice beachwear and cover ups.  The only downfall I can find is that the gorgeous tan boots, as seen in the center picture, aren’t part of the line–you can, however, find a similar pair by Steve Madden on  

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Alright so I know it’s February, but Michelle and I also live in Florida and today the high is 82. So while the greater portion of our country is cuddling up to their thick sweaters and tights, we have more practical concerns: swimwear. This spring/summer, I am really advocating the return of the one piece.  I think they are sophisticated and occassionally more feminine than bikinis.  The hard part, as always, is finding pieces to fit my price range. Pictured above are three one pieces that I think are worthy of attention.
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