Eyewear Trends Jump into the 80’s

How do you feel about the new, super trendy, round frames that are popping up on fashionable faces recently?  Should they stay in ’86 or make there way into our daily lives?

The Old

Duckie from Pretty In Pink

 The New

ASOS round glasses

The Warby Parker Monroe


Sunglasses: The New Handbag?


Yesterday’s New York Times had an article about the rise in popularity of sunglasses and how they are even taking over the former It-status accessory, the handbag. Sales of handbags are down 14% this year, while shades are seeing a 10% increase.  With all of the troubles in the U.S. economy, it makes sense that buying bags worth thousands of dollars doesn’t feel like a smart move to women. You would think that sunglasses might be a more cost-effective solution to buying designer merchandise, but that isn’t always the case.  The article notes that “prices for designer sunglasses have jumped to $350 or more in recent months, from an average of $250.”  Bergdorf Goodman even sells a “high-end tortoise-rim version” of Wayfarers that cost $750!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo of these way-too-expensive Raybans, but I doubt there is anything that special about them to warrant the price tag.  Personally, I agree that sunglasses have been fairly prevalent lately and I think they can do way more for an outfit than a handbag can.  However, it is insane to pay over $200 (that’s being generous) for eyewear, unless it’s prescription. Go to the thrift store! Most of them have an ample supply of vintage sunglasses, many times less than $5.  I’m also a fan of the website 80s Purple — they have an 80s Collection sunglasses section with tons of unique vintage options, including the shades above, at $15 or less!  And if you just have to have the designer name on the glasses, there is always Ebay.

Blinded by the Light

Here in Florida, it feels like we are about ten inches away from the sun all day until about 8:30 in the evening.  I wouldn’t even be able to fully open my eyes outdoors if I didn’t have a pair of sunglasses on.  Wayfarers have been a big hit this past year, to the point where you can walk into any store and find some “Risky Business” knockoffs.  I still like the shape of the Raybans, though, which is why I’ve been searching for pairs that are similar to Wayfarers, just with a little extra twist.  Rachel Bilson has the same idea (photo source here):

If you like these shades as much as I do, I’ve found three pairs available online that will both protect your eyes and keep you looking awesome:


Clockwise from bottom left:

1.  Clubmaster Sunglasses, Rayban ($99)

2.  Sunglasses, Grey Ant ($265)

3.  Southern Lights Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters ($9.99)


Appalachian Fashion?

So, I went to North Carolina this weekend with my boyfriend and his brother to visit their aunt. I was excited, because I figured I could *finally* wear some cold weather outfits, as Florida’s atmosphere has been hovering around the 75 degree mark for about a month.  What ended up happening, though, was that I turned out to be a horrible packer and nothing I brought was appropriate (can’t wear my brown lace-up heels hiking on a mountain).  This sad fact meant that I had to dress pretty utilitarian for most of my time there, so I only have a few pictures I want to show that I think are a little style-worthy.  Continue reading

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