Pedi Time

During a trip to Florida for the weekend I was able to experience a taste of the approaching summer coming to Chicago.  Aside from the sunburn and my sudden jorts obsession, I realized that I am completely lacking in the summer shoe department.  And the nice looking toes department.

The sandal search begins.  I started with Target, Asos (the best part is you never have to leave your couch), and Steven Madden.

Flower platforms from ASOS and Aldo

More prints from Steve Madden and Target

Just a touch of color from Madden Girl and Target.

I’m not complaining here, but it’s hard to get away from platforms.  And prints. And brights.  But who cares! it’s all so summery and trendy.  I especially love the last two picks, featuring just a glance of the colors that make your outfit up-to-date.  Easier to wear than the tribal for flower patterns, but never boring.  Perf.


Style Options: The Search for the Perfect Sandal

I saw them as flats, heels, and wedges: this weekend, cute sandals took over Miami!  I personally was wearing t-strap wedges that I picked up at Target, but I saw a million other sandal variations that should have a home in my closet too.   Some of the pairs were in styles that were previously undesireable to me until I saw them in action:


I know this isn’t the greatest picture in the world, but at least you get some idea of what I’m talking about.  These half shoe/half sandals (seen here on Heatherette’s PR girl Lysee Webb) used to freak me out — I mean, what’s the point of covering your ankles up like that if you’re going to bare all below it? It’s the same problem I used to have with fingerless gloves.  Well, I’m over that confusion now that I have seen then in real life, and I want a pair of my own! Here are some of the more interesting sandals that I’ve found on the Internet:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Caribu, Steve Madden ($190 – available in many colors!)

2. Jaya Sandal, Jeffrey Campbell ($98 – right now, free shipping at Urban Outfitters for all shoes too)

3. Brown Gladiators, Laura Brandon ($96)

Coming (Very!!) Soon: Jovovich Hawk for Target


Pieces from Target’s next Go: International designers, Jovovich Hawk, will be available March 2nd (to view more of the line, click here).  I’m happy to see that the designers are going to be showcasing the types of dresses that their signature line is known for–flowy, simple, girly, and flattering.  If dresses don’t whet your fashion appetite, the duo also serves up other styles as well, includingsome nice beachwear and cover ups.  The only downfall I can find is that the gorgeous tan boots, as seen in the center picture, aren’t part of the line–you can, however, find a similar pair by Steve Madden on  

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