Curls Too Late

Just this morning I was struggling to curl my hair with a flatiron.  I have all the right tools and products… but what was I doing wrong?!  Well, today at work I find this video in my inbox from Refinery29…

Flatiron Curls

Watch This Video!!! Great tips for easy(ish) curls.

It’s such an easy way to get those seemingly unattainable, sexy, loose curls that so many girls seem to rock these days.

If you are anything like me, your hair wont hold a curl if it is several days old, our hair is way too soft and fine for that.  I like to shampoo and lightly condition that morning, and dry it with an arsenal of products for umph and volume.

Right now I’m all about the Aveda and Bumble and Bumble.


I use Volumizing Tonic for a great root boost, then i liberally apply Bb Prep to my ends, Followed by Phomollient to the mid-shaft and ends of my hair.  (And this is just for the blowdry).


If you have thicker, or damaged hair, use your favorites, like Bb Tonic and Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener.

And finally. It’s time to curl! To coat each section before curling my fave hairsprays are Air Control and Does It All. Both are so light and workable, never too strong.  And for finishing, other options besides Taylor’s pricey (yet amazing) Moroccan Oil, are Aveda’s Light Elements Smoothing Fluid and Bumble’s Brilliantine.


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