Conditioner. Body Style

New Obsession!  First of all, I love LUSH Cosmetics.  The smell, the products, the packaging, the mantra, the employees, perfection.

Today I went in to grab a new face mask (they have a shelf life of only 2 weeks, AND you have to keep them refrigerated so they don’t go bad!) and of course they talked me into buying the whole store. I’m part owner these days (they owe it to me).   What I left with might be my fave thing yet; Ro’s Body Conditioner.  That’s right, like the stuff you use after shampoo to make your hair all soft and lovely, but for your skin.  Wash. Slather on. Rinse. Glow. BIG tip: post shave. All the benefits of lotion sans the too-goopy-for-summer feel, plus the scent of rose. Duh.


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