Hats and Horses

The Kentucky Derby was this weekend.  Sure I watched it, for the first time ever.  First of all, I had no idea that it was maybe, say 3 minutes long.  And when I say that I watched it I might be misleading you.  It was playing in the same room that I was in.  Some people were talking about it.  I might  have been listening, I might not have been.

Regardless of my disinterest in the televised event I still like to look back of pictures of the style choices.

Ginnifer Goodwin.  Always love her look.  Great dress for the occasion, but does that hat seem a little too boring, or rather old retired lady in Palm Beach, for a cute girl?

Lindsey Vonn.  I am feeling this dress and the color of her hat!

Kellan Lutz, sure, good looking with a cute outfit, and what other hat than a pageboy cap?  His date, Sharni Vinson, has on a very modern coral dress with the uber trendy accordion pleat!


Photos from zimbio.com, al.com, and Dailymail.co.uk


Hair today… just like high school?

I had every color in the book between the ages of 14 and 18… fuchsia, purple, blue, blue-black, purple-black, oh how this list goes on.

I think I want it again! I love the pastels and deep, deep hues that are replacing brown and blonde these days!

Zooey Deschanel in Marie Claire

Garance Dore

Cynthia Mittweg of AIKO

Up next for me? Zooey’s purple-black hair.  I’m OBSESSED right now.

Doubtful DIY

I want to make this! Yeah, right.  I just want this beautiful James Nares for Coach bag.

Just something else I’m obsessing over that was intended for use by men! Sunglasses, watches, cologne, and now bags.


bright lips and cheeks

bright lips and cheeks by styleexchange featuring a lip makeup

MAC Cosmetics highlighter makeup
$20 – nordstrom.com

MAC Cosmetics matte eyeshadow
$20 – nordstrom.com

Sephora Collection lip makeup
$12 – sephora.com

Nars cosmetic
$24 – sephora.com

Nourish-Mint™ Lip Definer
$20 – aveda.com
So here is my makeup routine these days.  Bright lips and bright cheeks feel so springy, a great step out of winter.  The problem? bright lips have to look perfect, or they just look sloppy.  The fix? Aveda’s lip definer is a colorless   lip liner that makes your lips look and feel great. I never go without it since I found it for myself last month.
For nights out, grey days, or whenever i want a little extra pop i spread a touch of MAC’s Naked pigment on my cheekbones, jaw line and in the corner of my eyelids (best when you were out a little too late the night before).  Suddenly, POW. you look chiseled out of marble.

Jingle and Clink

So do you love or hate the constant jingle and clink that follows you around when you have too many bracelets on one wrist? For me (and i’m guessing these girls) the sound has become a bit of a soundtrack to my life.

Song of Style

Late Afternoon

Wendy’s Lookbook

Rainy Days

On a rainy day like today I never really know how to dress.  Cozy sweater? Boots? Raincoat! I don’t have a raincoat!  I never feel right in one. They are too boxy and stiff or, maybe, they look like one of those ponchos you buy in a pinch at Disney (OMG I have done this).

SO! From the amazing blog of Garance Dore here is a little of the rain-ware inspiration I need.


Recently, on my days off I have been watching Saved By The Bell (!).   Aside from the memories of Saturday morning tv, there is the obvious connection to everything hip girls are wearing today.  Check out these cute and modernized versions of these SO 90s outfits.

kelly sbtheb

Check out these flower pants on the forever popular Kelly Kapowski and the super fashionable Jane.

Ukrainian Fashion Week



Oksana Karavanska

While Scanning the street style blog Face Hunter I saw he was at the Ukrainian Fashion Week, which immediately peaked my interests.   What started as a quick scan through their website ended with a quick scan of every designer from more than just FW09.  Definitely check it out.


Anna Bubik, Julia Aysina, Victoria Gres


I Do

This weekend marked the beginning of wedding season (for me at least) with a trip a few hours into the interior of Florida for the first in a long string of weddings.  Most of the invitations I have received (so far) are from friends and family completely unconnected to one another, so I thought I could buy one perfect dress to wear to all the weddings.  As i dragged myself from one dreary dress department to another I realized that while one dress would work wonders at an art museum it would fall flat in a garden. 

What to do? Surf the closet for some repeat wears (and get one new dress just to feel better about the headache I received from the bad lighting at the local mall).

Watching loads of drunk guests bust a move on the dance floor I finally began to realize how little thought people put into their wedding day ensambles. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s supposed to be all about the bride but I can only assume that same bride doesn’t want to see a family friend in the dress she wore to her great aunts 80th birthday in photos for years to come. 


Charlotte Ronson, Jill Stuart, Anna Sui

  Banquette halls are notoriously cold so you may end up looking like this model from the Jill Stuart runway in an over-sizedtux jacket (yes, chic at the moment), or you can get smart with a sweet matching cardi like the one Anna is showing off.

I love each of these girl’s hair for a wedding too.  Nothing too fussy, leave that to the bride and her attendants.

Hair There and Everywhere



It reached the 80’s in Florida today. Endless Skies, Soft breeze, the weather couldn’t get any more perfect.  I’m feeling uplifted and free and ready for a new do’.  While contemplating easygoing beachy waves I ran across a backstage photo from Anna Sui SS09 and once again realized nothing is as easy as it seems.  Unless you are one of the lucky few, looking just finished surfing cool may takes hours, and that completely defeats the purpose. 



At Rag and Bone not only did the hair look air dried and undone I also spied one girl with roots.  She had blonde that looked like it was sun bleached with lemons or Sun-In, similar to the way I looked in 6th grade (center part and bob included).  Sounds messy but it not only looks cute it’s wallet friendly!  The boy on the other hand looks very well maintained and highly styled. I might be partial, but I prefer a primped man to look more classic.




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