The Casual Cut Out

While People watching in Lincoln Park this weekend I noticed one trend over and over- the cut out dress worn in a blaze of mid-day casual  glory.  As first glance I saw what I felt should have been worn for a night out with the girls or at some  dimly lit lounge.  After  watching them flood by for a time… I felt the same way.  The first pic (Evil Twin) seems casual enough to go anywhere, but I’m not convinced about the cut out’s daytime  wearablility.

Dresses by Evil Twin and Miss Selfridge

Dresses from Pixie Market and Sparkle and Fade


Jingle and Clink

So do you love or hate the constant jingle and clink that follows you around when you have too many bracelets on one wrist? For me (and i’m guessing these girls) the sound has become a bit of a soundtrack to my life.

Song of Style

Late Afternoon

Wendy’s Lookbook

Rainy Days

On a rainy day like today I never really know how to dress.  Cozy sweater? Boots? Raincoat! I don’t have a raincoat!  I never feel right in one. They are too boxy and stiff or, maybe, they look like one of those ponchos you buy in a pinch at Disney (OMG I have done this).

SO! From the amazing blog of Garance Dore here is a little of the rain-ware inspiration I need.


Street Shots: Ybor City, FL


I haven’t been inspired lately as far as making posts, at least until last night when I met Alicia of Audrye Sessions, a band that opened for Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s on Sunday evening. Plaid is a pretty dominant trend at the moment, but by adding the vest and the black boots she’s set her look apart from the rest.  It doesn’t hurt, though, that she’s also super cute and more than a little talented.  Well done, Alicia!

Festival Style: Pitchfork Music Fest 2008



I know I said earlier this week that I had no photos from Pitchfork to post, but that was before I spent over an hour on Flickr this morning, perusing everyone else’s amazing snapshots from the weekend. Brennan from Chicago was way more diligent in photo-taking than I was and he managed to get some great style shots from the fest.  Thanks for sharing!  If you want to see more pictures, check out his Flickr.

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Keeping It Natural


I don’t know how or why it happened, but cheesy wildlife tees are everywhere right now! Sure, I’d see them occassionally in thrift stores, and I even have a wolf howling at the moon shirt somewhere, but at a party in Gainesville this weekend I saw more than a few boys sporting some incredible nature scene tees.  Perhaps they were inspired by Martin Margiela’s Women Spring/Summer 2008 line? Probably not, but either way, these boys make me want to find some more animal shirts of my own.

Hold Tight

I love me an oversized bag.  Not only can it be a great statement piece, but it can hold everything I need: whatever make-up may melt off of my face in the intense heat, A tiny sewing kit in case I lose a button, spare sunglasses because god forbid I can’t find any, my Zune so I can tune people out whenever I need to, and list goes on, and on, and on. 

And I also know the truth that the more you have the more you want (I have lived this), BUT I can’t believe anyone needs a suitcase, no matter how well it matches your outfit, for an ordinary day out and about.  This “bigger is better” attitude is starting to get out of hand.  And unless this cute girl is on her way home from the airport I’m not sure she needs to lug around that carryall.

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