Pedi Time

During a trip to Florida for the weekend I was able to experience a taste of the approaching summer coming to Chicago.  Aside from the sunburn and my sudden jorts obsession, I realized that I am completely lacking in the summer shoe department.  And the nice looking toes department.

The sandal search begins.  I started with Target, Asos (the best part is you never have to leave your couch), and Steven Madden.

Flower platforms from ASOS and Aldo

More prints from Steve Madden and Target

Just a touch of color from Madden Girl and Target.

I’m not complaining here, but it’s hard to get away from platforms.  And prints. And brights.  But who cares! it’s all so summery and trendy.  I especially love the last two picks, featuring just a glance of the colors that make your outfit up-to-date.  Easier to wear than the tribal for flower patterns, but never boring.  Perf.


Doubtful DIY

I want to make this! Yeah, right.  I just want this beautiful James Nares for Coach bag.

Just something else I’m obsessing over that was intended for use by men! Sunglasses, watches, cologne, and now bags.


bright lips and cheeks

bright lips and cheeks by styleexchange featuring a lip makeup

MAC Cosmetics highlighter makeup
$20 –

MAC Cosmetics matte eyeshadow
$20 –

Sephora Collection lip makeup
$12 –

Nars cosmetic
$24 –

Nourish-Mint™ Lip Definer
$20 –
So here is my makeup routine these days.  Bright lips and bright cheeks feel so springy, a great step out of winter.  The problem? bright lips have to look perfect, or they just look sloppy.  The fix? Aveda’s lip definer is a colorless   lip liner that makes your lips look and feel great. I never go without it since I found it for myself last month.
For nights out, grey days, or whenever i want a little extra pop i spread a touch of MAC’s Naked pigment on my cheekbones, jaw line and in the corner of my eyelids (best when you were out a little too late the night before).  Suddenly, POW. you look chiseled out of marble.

Have Yourself a Hippie Little Christmas




Barney’s debuted their holiday season window display Tuesday, and this year’s theme is “Peace & Love: Have a Hippie Holiday.”  The windows were styled by Simon Doonan and are supposed to reflect the peace sign’s 50th anniversary.  Display windows at big department stores are meant to attract customers and sales, so it’s ironic that Barney’s would choose a theme related to a counterculture that disdained materialism.  The choice of hippie windows is also interesting in light of the economic recession, when people probably won’t be parting with their money for extravagances as much as usual.  


Fun fact: Barney’s recruited Volkswagen and artist John-Paul Philippe to create a one-of-a-kind Beetle that reflects the spirit of the 60s.  After making the rounds in the displays, the car will go up for a raffle — customers can buy tickets either in store or online for a chance to win the Beetle, with proceeds going towards the Carbon Fund


(source: Gothamist)

Something About Voting




If you haven’t done so already, get psyched about the long lines and go cast your vote! You can reward yourself for doing your civic duty afterwards by grabbing a shirt from Busted Tees, which is having a sale in honor of election day.  Click here to check out the shirt shown above.

Edit:  Even Anna Wintour’s doing it (seen here standing in a voting line in Soho, courtesy of Daily Intel)!



Style Options: Lace-Up Boots

Next to bonfires and ice skating, wearing boots is definitely one of my favorite things about winter.  There are lots of options — booties, Minnetonkas, Uggs (if you must) — but lately I’ve been lusting after tall, military-inspired lace-up boots.  They can give edginess to an otherwise feminine outfit, and they can be worn with anything from dresses to skinny jeans.  Plus, they have a built in safety feature — whose going to mess with a girl on the street who is wearing shoes made for punting predators?

Kick up your boots:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Military Boots, 8.15 August Fifteenth ($350)

2. Gingham Flannel Shirt, Forever 21 ($19.80)

3. Demi Boots, Sporto ($59)

4. Geo Tights, Wolford ( £32)

5. The Bard, LD Tuttle ($692)

Regina Spektor: Singer, Political Accessorizer

Last night on Conan O’Brien, Ben Folds performed his new single “You Don’t Know Me” with special guest Regina Spektor.  Aside from the great performance, I really loved the Obama belt Regina was wearing.  In a time when everyone and their mother is sporting some kind of politically-related clothing, I think this accessory gets the message across in a more creative way than a t-shirt with a “change” slogan.  


I have no idea where she got the belt, but if you do you should e-mail us! If you are interested in similarly snazzy Obama merchandise, though, you should check out his official site — there is a Runway to Change store with clothing and accessories from a slew of major designers, including a tote bag by Marc Jacobs and a bracelet by Proenza Schouler.

Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

It never seemed fair to me that girls have always had more options when looking for affordable clothing that also managed to be current and modern.  Although places like Target and Old Navy do have mens sections, they generally are lagging behind in terms of style (think cargo khakis, striped collared tees).  Lately, though, I’ve been seeing more and more stores delivering great menswear at reasonable prices.  Topman, a division of the UK’s Topshop, is my latest discovery.   I wasn’t fully aware that Topshop had a mens line until this weekend, when Michelle and I met up with our friend Kevin Snow of Black Kids. When we looked down and saw his plimsolls, we had to know where they were from.


Topman doesn’t stop at stocking just shoes — they have a full range of apparel and accessories, even some very dashing ties.  To give a better idea of what the store is about, I’ve gathered my favorite pieces below.  Look for Topman to open its US flagship store in New York this fall. The store is also debuting a new capsule collection Priceless this October, designed by Anthony Price.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Black and Yellow Check Bowtie, £10.00

2. Indigo Coated Skinny Jeans, £35.00

3.Grey Herringbone Bomber Jacket, £60.00

4. Smart Futurist Analogue Watch, £20.00

5. Grey Canvas Lace Up Plimsolls, £25.00 


Get Prepped



Last week I saw this recently released video for Vampire Weekend’s “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.”  It’s a fun video, even though I don’t really understand it (I have a similar reaction to the band’s lyrics), but what stands out for me is how everyone is dressed.  Between this band and Gossip Girl, the preppy revolution is coming back strong!  Don’t get me wrong — I’m into the clean look of it all — but sometimes this “prep is hip” mentality gets me confused. It’s what I call the Ezra Koenig Illusion — I’ll see an attractive looking guy dressed in some snazzy collared shirt and boat shoes, and it becomes impossible for me to tell whether he’s a cool, modern dresser or if he’s just a local fraternity brother. So complicated!

For those who want to get in touch with their inner prep, I present these options:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Side Tie Long Line Shirt, Topshop (£28.00)

2.  Blair Mini Bow Earrings, Fred Flare ($9.00)

3. Fitted Necktie Shirt, Gap ($48.00)

4. St. Bart Short, Forever 21 ($17.80)

5. School’s Out Oxford, Urban Outfitters (on sale for $24.99)


Style Options: Prints

Prints range from the overly bold to the small and delicate, but right now it doesn’t matter how you wear them, just that you find a place for them in your wardrobe.  Here are pictures from Face Hunter,, and the  Sartorialist that show this philosophy in action.  Many with rich color, and of course lots of floral as shown on runways everywhere.

Below are some prints you can use as more inspiration or get for yourself.

Clockwise from top:

Oscar De La Renta, floral print dress,

Ballet flat,

Mosaic Beaded bag,

Zebra Stripped Scarf,

Richard Chai for Target, Cowel neck dress,

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