Denim Lover

The perfect daytime (and whatever, nighttime too) jacket? The jean jacket. By far.  Throw over a cute shiny dress to tone it down for shopping.  Pair it with a slightly different colored pair of jeans for an ironically unironic Texas tuxedo (my fave).  Even give yesterday’s outfit a twist when you feel uninspired.  The denim jacket is my go to, day and night, when it’s a tad too chilly to bare arms or when I want to wear lots of bling to work.

Look from Chicagolooks.blogspot, Cheap Monday

Levi’s (perfect), look from Chicagolooks.blogspot

Speaking of work and weather, just today 5 out of 7 of us girls walked in wearing a denim jacket (you know where we get our inspiration, no?).  Obvi, because the temperature floated in the mid-60’s all day!


Feather Inspired Frocks

For their bright and saturated hues peacock feathers are both beautiful and very popular, often times in the form of prints, necklaces, and hair accessories. Instead of using the actual feather, as I have been tempted to do, I’ve decided to use those same sophisticated colors as inspiration for an entire outfit instead of something like a pair of earings. Below are some of the colors, in the form of specific pieces, that could easily be formed to created this peacock ensemble.

Clockwise from top right:

Caribu green sandals, Steve Madden

Sleeveless ribbed tank, Banana Republic

Poly Flower Ring, Forever 21

Fluro green shoulder bag, Marc Jacobs

Danya Knit dress, Forever 21

Eastwood Cashmere cardigan, Luella

Street Shots: Ybor City, FL


I haven’t been inspired lately as far as making posts, at least until last night when I met Alicia of Audrye Sessions, a band that opened for Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s on Sunday evening. Plaid is a pretty dominant trend at the moment, but by adding the vest and the black boots she’s set her look apart from the rest.  It doesn’t hurt, though, that she’s also super cute and more than a little talented.  Well done, Alicia!

Keeping It Natural


I don’t know how or why it happened, but cheesy wildlife tees are everywhere right now! Sure, I’d see them occassionally in thrift stores, and I even have a wolf howling at the moon shirt somewhere, but at a party in Gainesville this weekend I saw more than a few boys sporting some incredible nature scene tees.  Perhaps they were inspired by Martin Margiela’s Women Spring/Summer 2008 line? Probably not, but either way, these boys make me want to find some more animal shirts of my own.

Chuck Bass: I Approve!

Confession: I’ve never watched an episode of Gossip Girls, ever.   From what I read it seems like an interesting show, especially in terms of fashion, but I don’t have television and it’s not worth downloading for me.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of photos on gossip sites of the cast filming episodes in the Hamptons, and I’ve got to tell you — the whole vintage beach vibe definitely suits Ed Westwick (“Chuck Bass”).  I know it’s a divisive look, but I think that if a guy’s got the legs for it, why NOT wear some really short shorts.  It’s summer, people! 

If you or a boy you know wants to try this look, here are some more short shorts to consider:


From left:

1.  Curduroy West Coast Short, American Apparel ($32)

2.  Short Surf Blue Stripe, Paul Smith ($155)

3.  Classic Board Shirting Shorts, Opening Ceremony ($131)

Style Options: Fun Undies

I was at the Gap yesterday, where they had a million different types of white shirts on deep discount.  I have a pretty serious addiction to white tees at the moment, so I was in heaven.  I found a nice racerback tank with a macrame-type situation going on in the back, but when I tried it on I realized that it was so sheer that any bra would look noticeable, even one that was nude-colored.   The best solution I can think of is to try the latest trend of wearing bold underwear that shows through this season’s sheer looks.  


Since I have no use for underwire and support or anything when it comes to bras, I really like this racerback version from American Apparel as an option for wearing under sheer tees.  They are so comfortable that it barely feels like you’re wearing a bra at all — plus, they’re on sale right now at Amazon for $6.99.


If you want to be a little more daring with your underwear, there’s also the alternative of finding a bra with a fun print, like a floral.  Here are some of my favorites from the internets (shown with an Alexander Wang sheer v-neck tee):





Clockwise from bottom left:

1.  Sienna Bra, Forever21 ($7.80)

2.  Jersey Pinspot Bra, Topshop (£14.00)

3.  Fanciful Patchwork Bra, Anthropologie ($28)

4.  Mimi Holliday, Damaris ($63.75)


Summer Simplicity with Natalie Portman


I saw this photo of Natalie Portman walking her dog around NYC, and the outfit she’s wearing really represents the theme of my ideal summer wardrobe — easy and minimal, with a perfect pair of sandals.  If you wanted to try a similar look, you could make a pair of DIY cutoffs using some old jeans, and  plaid shirts like the one she’s wearing are available at most thrift stores for a few dollars.  Any strappy sandal would look good with this outfit, but I found this great pair by Michael Kors that I especially like:


 Now, if you can find yourself a cute dog to walk and an even cuter Devendra Banhart to date, you will have the Natalie Portman look down.

Regional Dressing: Gainesville, FL



Sorry to get all personal-journal on everyone, but I need to get this out.  Of all the cities in Florida, Gainesville is hands down my favorite.  Everywhere you need to go is in biking distance, all of your friends are also your neighbors, and the food is pretty amazing wherever you go.  A few weeks ago I went to watch a friend’s band, Baby Rat, play and I got to see people I haven’t hung out with in ages.  For living in such a small town, my friends in Gainesville are as stylish, if not more so, than most people living in large, metropolitan areas.  So begins the first post in our newest feature, Regional Dressing!

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Fest Wear

Since I was unable to make it out to Coachella this year (or any year for that matter, considering the price of tickets and airfare and god knows what other expenses) I have gathered a few pictures taken for of some of the cutest outfits at the fest (or of the most famous people there, such as Agyness Deyn who is shown below). 

Where Does the Time Go?

My husband and I have just celebrated our first year of marriage.  Instead of gifts we put all our money towards a great dinner of fish and pot stickers and a bottle of wine.  I couldn’t have asked for a better evening.  Once we were home and changed I realized no pictures had been taken to document our evening.  So we quickly redressed and used the old reliable timer to take some awkwards shots. 

Shirt- his closet

Dress- Sweeties

Belt- thrifted





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