The Casual Cut Out

While People watching in Lincoln Park this weekend I noticed one trend over and over- the cut out dress worn in a blaze of mid-day casual  glory.  As first glance I saw what I felt should have been worn for a night out with the girls or at some  dimly lit lounge.  After  watching them flood by for a time… I felt the same way.  The first pic (Evil Twin) seems casual enough to go anywhere, but I’m not convinced about the cut out’s daytime  wearablility.

Dresses by Evil Twin and Miss Selfridge

Dresses from Pixie Market and Sparkle and Fade


TOMS for Whole Foods

It seems like everyone is collaborating these days, and grocery stores are no exception.  Whole Foods Market and TOMS, a company that donates a pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair sold, are joining forces to sell exclusive green and vegan footwear. So, don’t pass up the opportunity to buy these eco-friendly slip-ons because remember: the more you buy the more they give.

Bands Will Be Bands

Boys, boys, boys.  Up until now here at the Style Exchange, we have nearly exclusively posted about girls and it seems like we are growing tired with only talking about the in’s and out’s of female fashion. 

Recently Band Marino, a (semi) local 5-piece from Orlando, Florida, has caught my eye once again (yes, I saw their ads in Paste Magazine) because of their cute outfits, cuter faces, original and pleasant music, artful posters, and because of a shirt of theirs my husband bought after seeing them in Tampa few months back. It’s because of that tee that I had to look up their myspace page to hear a little of what was behind the clothing. 

Not only does the band produce clever merch they also don themselves in sharp attire, for photo shoots and on stage.

Following the Straight and Narrow

Most anyone witih longish or frizzy or curly hair has at one time or another used a flat iron.  I’ll even use one on my pencil straight and smooth hair. 

 But what now? An easier way?  Can we really skip the drying step? A few companies claim it to be.  Introducing the wet to dry flat iron.  A few months ago I was able to try out a mildly expensive wet flat iron and I only have one thing to say: It may save you a step but it will not save you time. 

Yes they do make it straight, but you have to go over it 5, 6, 7 times before a small section is actually dry. 

Clockwise from top right:

TurboPower Forma Tourmaline Wet 2 Dry ($139)

ITech Wet & Dry Tourmaline Iron ($199.99)

Farouk Chi Auto-Digital Wet to Dry Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron ($134.89)

Remington Wet 2 Straight Slim Plate ($24.85)- just remember if the ITech I used for $200 barely worked, what do you think this will accomplish?


       It doesn’t matter if you’re using a flat iron on your poor hair every day, only occasionally, or even just blowing it dry, you really must protect your hair from all the heat damage.  ThermaFuseis an entire product line specifically geared to doing just that. Also, there are many lines that contain a few odds and ends that will guard against this hot abuse.


Clockwise from top left:

Artec for L’Oreal Textureline HotStyle Ironing Creme ($19.95)

ThermaFuse Colorcare Shampoo, Straight Smoothing Balm, Intense Repair Deep Condition ($15.50-18.50)

Aussie Sydney Smooth Styling Heat Protector + Leave-in Condtioner ($12.91)

Hang Me Up To Dry

I just read an article from that says the television show Living Lohan has finally killed the black nail polish trend.  For me on the other hand, the trend died in highschool along with using white out as nail polish during 1st period biology.  Until recently my addiction has been the almost black purples and navy blues, but ever since the temperatures have started to rise I have found myself pining for brights.  Pinks and corals have been my colors du jour and I have yet to play with highlighter inspired shades. 

In the end I don’t want to wait until Lindsay Lohan’s family pushes a trend into its grave; we all know the Lohan’s are prone to sucking a fad dry.

Polishes come from Essie and OPI

Shape Up

The heat is upon us and all I want to wear is less.  It’s time to get back in shape, but I let my YMCA pass expire last October.  I would rather spend my gym membership money on underwear that will suck me in,  but once again I am reminded that less is more during the unending Florida summers.   I have a library of dusty yoga videos, some running shoes, a jump rope, some very light hand weights, and a hula hoop (I’m still not convinced that’s actually going to help me tone up), but my only true hope for a decent workout is to drag myself to a real gym.  And so my search for gym appropriate and comfy active wear has begun. 

Bebe Sport, Zipper Pocket pant  ($79)

Norma Kamali, Everlast Black racing stripe running pants ($75)

Diesel, Dunst jumpsuit ($240)

C9 by champion, Platinum Pullover ($29.99)

Newton Running, Mesh stretch nylon cushion racer ($160)

C9 by Champion, Running Singlette ($14.99)




This week in: Celebrities Ruining Fashion

To all of those who wondered what leggings designed by Lindsay Lohan would look like, I present this photo:


I was certainly expecting something ugly, but Lindsay has gone and exceeded my expectations! I don’t even want to know what kind of girl needs kneepads on her leggings. And I know this has nothing to do with the clothes, but whoever said that hair/makeup was a good idea should probably be fired. Oh well — I can at least appreciate this for being the funniest picture I’ve seen all weekend.

Where Does the Time Go?

My husband and I have just celebrated our first year of marriage.  Instead of gifts we put all our money towards a great dinner of fish and pot stickers and a bottle of wine.  I couldn’t have asked for a better evening.  Once we were home and changed I realized no pictures had been taken to document our evening.  So we quickly redressed and used the old reliable timer to take some awkwards shots. 

Shirt- his closet

Dress- Sweeties

Belt- thrifted





Not So Thinspiring

Today’s Times Online features an article about a new anti-anorexia promotion law that’s currently tabled in France.  The law is aimed at preventing the media (pro-ana websites and blogs in particular) and the fashion industry from promoting people  “to seek excessive thinness by encouraging prolonged restriction of nourishment to the point of risking death or damage to health.”  Those found guilty could face fines and as many as two years in prison.  Does this really sound enforceable to you though?  So they shut down a few pro-ana blogs in France — that doesn’t stop the rest of the world from creating website shrines to Vlada and other fashion waifs.  It’s also unlikely that the law would actually cause designers and fashion magazine editors to consider using healthier models — when and if they do that, it will be because the trends are changing and skinny girls are “over,” not because the government is telling them so.  

Super Stam Sunday

Today I have two Stam-related items to post. First up is a Youtube snippet of her guest starring on Bravo’s “Make Me A Supermodel.” 



I’ve never watched this show, but that Holly girl kind of creeps me out.

The other half of this post is Stam’s Vogue UK spread by Mario Testino, found in the April 2008 issue.  I think the clothes they used for this shoot were amazing — I really like the floral Christian Lacroix top and I’m surprisingly fond of all the plaid socks, too! Photos courtesy of styliste at Foto_Decadent (click to enlarge).

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