Conditioner. Body Style

New Obsession!  First of all, I love LUSH Cosmetics.  The smell, the products, the packaging, the mantra, the employees, perfection.

Today I went in to grab a new face mask (they have a shelf life of only 2 weeks, AND you have to keep them refrigerated so they don’t go bad!) and of course they talked me into buying the whole store. I’m part owner these days (they owe it to me).   What I left with might be my fave thing yet; Ro’s Body Conditioner.  That’s right, like the stuff you use after shampoo to make your hair all soft and lovely, but for your skin.  Wash. Slather on. Rinse. Glow. BIG tip: post shave. All the benefits of lotion sans the too-goopy-for-summer feel, plus the scent of rose. Duh.


Hair today… just like high school?

I had every color in the book between the ages of 14 and 18… fuchsia, purple, blue, blue-black, purple-black, oh how this list goes on.

I think I want it again! I love the pastels and deep, deep hues that are replacing brown and blonde these days!

Zooey Deschanel in Marie Claire

Garance Dore

Cynthia Mittweg of AIKO

Up next for me? Zooey’s purple-black hair.  I’m OBSESSED right now.


bright lips and cheeks

bright lips and cheeks by styleexchange featuring a lip makeup

MAC Cosmetics highlighter makeup
$20 –

MAC Cosmetics matte eyeshadow
$20 –

Sephora Collection lip makeup
$12 –

Nars cosmetic
$24 –

Nourish-Mint™ Lip Definer
$20 –
So here is my makeup routine these days.  Bright lips and bright cheeks feel so springy, a great step out of winter.  The problem? bright lips have to look perfect, or they just look sloppy.  The fix? Aveda’s lip definer is a colorless   lip liner that makes your lips look and feel great. I never go without it since I found it for myself last month.
For nights out, grey days, or whenever i want a little extra pop i spread a touch of MAC’s Naked pigment on my cheekbones, jaw line and in the corner of my eyelids (best when you were out a little too late the night before).  Suddenly, POW. you look chiseled out of marble.

To see or not to see


While I love my blunt bangs, I do not love bangs so long that they wiggle with every blink.  They get caught in your mascara, stick you in the eyes, and overall look better in a picture than in real life.  But now my appreciation for these lid dusters has changed ever since I got the worst eyebrow waxing possible (never trust someone new, you may loose half a brow.  And with no apology they don’t deserve a tip).  So for now I say let these bangs blind me!  I can’t wait for my brows to fill in…

Picture from

Pretty in Pale

While clicking through runway photos I always keep my eye out for make-up applications that are actually transferable to the real world.  My favorite from Berlin Fashion Week came from Penkov, which makes the girls look like young, rosy cheeked porcelain dolls. 

Simple to recreate, all you really need is a shimmery highlight around your eyes (you can extend it further depending on the time of day and how daring you want to be), a soft bronzer for the cheeks, and a pinky lip gloss.  Out the door in no time flat.

Some of my favorites:

from left to right:

Bronzing powder, Laura Mercier ($32)

Lip gloss in Dreamer, L’Oreal HIP ($9.50)

Silver Touch, Sisley Cosmetics ($38)

Following the Straight and Narrow

Most anyone witih longish or frizzy or curly hair has at one time or another used a flat iron.  I’ll even use one on my pencil straight and smooth hair. 

 But what now? An easier way?  Can we really skip the drying step? A few companies claim it to be.  Introducing the wet to dry flat iron.  A few months ago I was able to try out a mildly expensive wet flat iron and I only have one thing to say: It may save you a step but it will not save you time. 

Yes they do make it straight, but you have to go over it 5, 6, 7 times before a small section is actually dry. 

Clockwise from top right:

TurboPower Forma Tourmaline Wet 2 Dry ($139)

ITech Wet & Dry Tourmaline Iron ($199.99)

Farouk Chi Auto-Digital Wet to Dry Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron ($134.89)

Remington Wet 2 Straight Slim Plate ($24.85)- just remember if the ITech I used for $200 barely worked, what do you think this will accomplish?


       It doesn’t matter if you’re using a flat iron on your poor hair every day, only occasionally, or even just blowing it dry, you really must protect your hair from all the heat damage.  ThermaFuseis an entire product line specifically geared to doing just that. Also, there are many lines that contain a few odds and ends that will guard against this hot abuse.


Clockwise from top left:

Artec for L’Oreal Textureline HotStyle Ironing Creme ($19.95)

ThermaFuse Colorcare Shampoo, Straight Smoothing Balm, Intense Repair Deep Condition ($15.50-18.50)

Aussie Sydney Smooth Styling Heat Protector + Leave-in Condtioner ($12.91)

Hang Me Up To Dry

I just read an article from that says the television show Living Lohan has finally killed the black nail polish trend.  For me on the other hand, the trend died in highschool along with using white out as nail polish during 1st period biology.  Until recently my addiction has been the almost black purples and navy blues, but ever since the temperatures have started to rise I have found myself pining for brights.  Pinks and corals have been my colors du jour and I have yet to play with highlighter inspired shades. 

In the end I don’t want to wait until Lindsay Lohan’s family pushes a trend into its grave; we all know the Lohan’s are prone to sucking a fad dry.

Polishes come from Essie and OPI

Rays of Light

No more dark eyes or lips for me.  I’m tired of spending what feels like hours applying liner to my mouth just so (after concealer of course) to keep my red lipstick from fading and smudging all over my face, and making sure that my black eyeliner isn’t too black.  As of today I’m taking a clue from some of the Spring ’08 runway shows and simplifying my routine;  soft blush and bronzer, pinky gloss, mascara and maybe a shimmery eyeshadow if I’m feeling adventurous, then it’s out the door.


Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors from

Some Old favorites and  a few things I’m dying to get…

Clockwise top center:

L’Oreal HIP Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss, Dreamer ($8.55)

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Eye Shadow, Tiger Eye ($8.49)

DiorShow Mascara, Chestnut ($24)

Laura Mercier Pressed Powders, Golden Bronze ($32)

Revlon Cream Blush, Berry Flirtatious ($8.99)

Lancome, Color Ideal Illuminateur ($37)


Take it off

Anja Rubik is a beautiful girl, but after checking out the fragrance ad for Chloe on the back of my Nylon magazine and comparing it to the photo on the  cover of the April 2008 issue, I came to one solid conclusion: she never needed all that hair!   Long or short she has wonderful hair, but in all honesty, why keep the length when you have a great face to show off.  So many girls keep their hair long just to keep it long, but recently the stars have been chopping it off and I love what I’m seeing (think Rihanna and Katie Holmes). Anja’s long hair in the first picture only makes her face look longer, and the cropped cut in the second shot is screaming “Hello, cheekbones.”

Photos from




Before it really gets bad…

It’s heating up!  I can’t stand the change in weather and I have a long list of reasons why.  But, thanks to Alfaparf Milano and their line Couture Milano, my list is just a little shorter.  Couture, which is a hair styling product, comes in three varieties: Ends, Crown, and my real reason for rejoicing, FRINGE! The thing is sweaty, grease face will no longer ruin a good hair day because Fringe has a barrier complex which protects your beautiful bangs from oil and perspiration on your face and forehead.  You can’t get it in your local drug store, so you’ll have to find it in professional salons.

Humidity beware!


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