bright lips and cheeks

bright lips and cheeks by styleexchange featuring a lip makeup

MAC Cosmetics highlighter makeup
$20 –

MAC Cosmetics matte eyeshadow
$20 –

Sephora Collection lip makeup
$12 –

Nars cosmetic
$24 –

Nourish-Mint™ Lip Definer
$20 –
So here is my makeup routine these days.  Bright lips and bright cheeks feel so springy, a great step out of winter.  The problem? bright lips have to look perfect, or they just look sloppy.  The fix? Aveda’s lip definer is a colorless   lip liner that makes your lips look and feel great. I never go without it since I found it for myself last month.
For nights out, grey days, or whenever i want a little extra pop i spread a touch of MAC’s Naked pigment on my cheekbones, jaw line and in the corner of my eyelids (best when you were out a little too late the night before).  Suddenly, POW. you look chiseled out of marble.

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