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This weekend marked the beginning of wedding season (for me at least) with a trip a few hours into the interior of Florida for the first in a long string of weddings.  Most of the invitations I have received (so far) are from friends and family completely unconnected to one another, so I thought I could buy one perfect dress to wear to all the weddings.  As i dragged myself from one dreary dress department to another I realized that while one dress would work wonders at an art museum it would fall flat in a garden. 

What to do? Surf the closet for some repeat wears (and get one new dress just to feel better about the headache I received from the bad lighting at the local mall).

Watching loads of drunk guests bust a move on the dance floor I finally began to realize how little thought people put into their wedding day ensambles. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s supposed to be all about the bride but I can only assume that same bride doesn’t want to see a family friend in the dress she wore to her great aunts 80th birthday in photos for years to come. 


Charlotte Ronson, Jill Stuart, Anna Sui

  Banquette halls are notoriously cold so you may end up looking like this model from the Jill Stuart runway in an over-sizedtux jacket (yes, chic at the moment), or you can get smart with a sweet matching cardi like the one Anna is showing off.

I love each of these girl’s hair for a wedding too.  Nothing too fussy, leave that to the bride and her attendants.


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