Trail Blazing

First let me start with this; has life really been so busy the I have not been able to write a new post in over 2 months? Probably not.  Have I thought it has been too busy? Yes. Am I back for good? I hope so.  But on to more important things.

Recently, while sticking with a budget for the first time maybe ever, I have been on the prowl for essentials.  Trendy, but nothing that will be “not exactly perfect” in 2 months.   Next on my list is the blazer.  But what to do? Basic black? Embellished? Oversized? Shoulder pads? Cropped?!!!  Just reviewing the options tires me out.  What do the fall runways say about this dilemma? Do whatever you want, more or less.


3.1 Phillip Lim, Anne Valerie Hash, Anna Sui


Loewe, Vivienne Westwood, Y3

I’m not saying I love all the options above (maybe it’s the big hair that accompanies the Vivienne Westwood but I can’t handle the color, shape, or the fact that it was way too big in an unflattering way).  What I do love is the belted blazer that Sasha P is rockin’ for Loewe.


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