Have Yourself a Hippie Little Christmas




Barney’s debuted their holiday season window display Tuesday, and this year’s theme is “Peace & Love: Have a Hippie Holiday.”  The windows were styled by Simon Doonan and are supposed to reflect the peace sign’s 50th anniversary.  Display windows at big department stores are meant to attract customers and sales, so it’s ironic that Barney’s would choose a theme related to a counterculture that disdained materialism.  The choice of hippie windows is also interesting in light of the economic recession, when people probably won’t be parting with their money for extravagances as much as usual.  


Fun fact: Barney’s recruited Volkswagen and artist John-Paul Philippe to create a one-of-a-kind Beetle that reflects the spirit of the 60s.  After making the rounds in the displays, the car will go up for a raffle — customers can buy tickets either in store or online for a chance to win the Beetle, with proceeds going towards the Carbon Fund


(source: Gothamist)


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