Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

It never seemed fair to me that girls have always had more options when looking for affordable clothing that also managed to be current and modern.  Although places like Target and Old Navy do have mens sections, they generally are lagging behind in terms of style (think cargo khakis, striped collared tees).  Lately, though, I’ve been seeing more and more stores delivering great menswear at reasonable prices.  Topman, a division of the UK’s Topshop, is my latest discovery.   I wasn’t fully aware that Topshop had a mens line until this weekend, when Michelle and I met up with our friend Kevin Snow of Black Kids. When we looked down and saw his plimsolls, we had to know where they were from.


Topman doesn’t stop at stocking just shoes — they have a full range of apparel and accessories, even some very dashing ties.  To give a better idea of what the store is about, I’ve gathered my favorite pieces below.  Look for Topman to open its US flagship store in New York this fall. The store is also debuting a new capsule collection Priceless this October, designed by Anthony Price.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Black and Yellow Check Bowtie, £10.00

2. Indigo Coated Skinny Jeans, £35.00

3.Grey Herringbone Bomber Jacket, £60.00

4. Smart Futurist Analogue Watch, £20.00

5. Grey Canvas Lace Up Plimsolls, £25.00 



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