Sasha Pivovarova and Dhani Harrison for Fashion Rocks 2008

Sasha is officially My Favorite Model.  She’s been delivering great editorials in every magazine I’ve seen her in lately (check out this shoot on Fashionista’s site — incredible!).  Below are scans from the 2008 edition of Fashion Rocks, where she joins baby Beatle Dhani Harrison in a shoot by Steven Meisel.  Why can’t my life be a little like this spread?  I’d love to lounge by the pool and play in a field decked out in luxe bohemian outfits with a guy who has an admirable mustache.  


There’s also another less awesome, but still interesting spread in Fashion Rocks featuring Jessica Stam and my fangirl crush Mark Ronson – click here to check it out.


One thought on “Sasha Pivovarova and Dhani Harrison for Fashion Rocks 2008

  1. I wonder if anyone would be able to reach the editor of Fashion Rocks magazine (Jonathan Van Meter) and tell him that the Fall 2008 issue with the fashion spread of Dhani Harrison (George Harrison’s son) and Sasha Pivovarova wearing all manner of wild fox, lynx, and alpaca fur coats DOES NOT ROCK. If you know how to reach any of these people- please forward that information so that I, and my friends can ask them to stop promoting wild fox and lynx fur as well as any fur of any kind. And to please not support Louis Vuitton, Revillon, or Fendi fur coats. If you are not a fox or a lynx you have no business wearing their fur. Fashion leaders should lead people into the 21st century not keep us in the Viking Era.

    I’d also like to ask why Jonathan thinks he can mail me this magazine against my consent and then not provide a letters to the editor page for his readers.

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