MGMT for Converse

Finally – back from Chicago and ready to blog! I had a great time but unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos of the outfits I saw at Pitchfork Music Festival.  Trust me when I tell you, though, that many people were dressed exactly like you would think — lots of American Apparel heather gray deep Vs, sunglasses of all shapes and sizes, tons of amazing summer dresses.  I was actually surprised, however, at how well dressed the ladies and gentlemen in the crowds were overall; I only wish I had pictures to show!

Moving on, one band that I wish played the festival (but they are playing the upcoming Lollapallooza!) is MGMT.  They are the latest musicians to be featured in the new Converse advertisements.  Other ads feature Julian Casablancas, Santogold, and Pharrell.  I’m probably biased, but I think MGMT could be the best thing to happen to any Converse ad, ever.  I mean, do you see the one boy’s eyes? Game. Over. Oh, the sneakers aren’t bad either.



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