Sunglasses: The New Handbag?


Yesterday’s New York Times had an article about the rise in popularity of sunglasses and how they are even taking over the former It-status accessory, the handbag. Sales of handbags are down 14% this year, while shades are seeing a 10% increase.  With all of the troubles in the U.S. economy, it makes sense that buying bags worth thousands of dollars doesn’t feel like a smart move to women. You would think that sunglasses might be a more cost-effective solution to buying designer merchandise, but that isn’t always the case.  The article notes that “prices for designer sunglasses have jumped to $350 or more in recent months, from an average of $250.”  Bergdorf Goodman even sells a “high-end tortoise-rim version” of Wayfarers that cost $750!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo of these way-too-expensive Raybans, but I doubt there is anything that special about them to warrant the price tag.  Personally, I agree that sunglasses have been fairly prevalent lately and I think they can do way more for an outfit than a handbag can.  However, it is insane to pay over $200 (that’s being generous) for eyewear, unless it’s prescription. Go to the thrift store! Most of them have an ample supply of vintage sunglasses, many times less than $5.  I’m also a fan of the website 80s Purple — they have an 80s Collection sunglasses section with tons of unique vintage options, including the shades above, at $15 or less!  And if you just have to have the designer name on the glasses, there is always Ebay.


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