Style Options: Fun Undies

I was at the Gap yesterday, where they had a million different types of white shirts on deep discount.  I have a pretty serious addiction to white tees at the moment, so I was in heaven.  I found a nice racerback tank with a macrame-type situation going on in the back, but when I tried it on I realized that it was so sheer that any bra would look noticeable, even one that was nude-colored.   The best solution I can think of is to try the latest trend of wearing bold underwear that shows through this season’s sheer looks.  


Since I have no use for underwire and support or anything when it comes to bras, I really like this racerback version from American Apparel as an option for wearing under sheer tees.  They are so comfortable that it barely feels like you’re wearing a bra at all — plus, they’re on sale right now at Amazon for $6.99.


If you want to be a little more daring with your underwear, there’s also the alternative of finding a bra with a fun print, like a floral.  Here are some of my favorites from the internets (shown with an Alexander Wang sheer v-neck tee):





Clockwise from bottom left:

1.  Sienna Bra, Forever21 ($7.80)

2.  Jersey Pinspot Bra, Topshop (£14.00)

3.  Fanciful Patchwork Bra, Anthropologie ($28)

4.  Mimi Holliday, Damaris ($63.75)



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