Old Navy: Of Marketing and Men

I usually try to avoid the mall in my hometown. It’s small and only has a few stores, most of them catering to the Hot Topic crowd.  I ended up going the other day, though, because there is a brand-new Old Navy and I can usually find something cute in their women’s collection.  This time, I saw a few dresses I liked but nothing wowed me.  What actually intruiged me was an ad that I saw in the men’s section.  It featured a boy, dressed in his finest Old Navy collared tee, who had three fourths of his arm covered in tattoos.  Now, I’m definitely pro-cute boys with tattoos, don’t get me wrong, but who exactly is Old Navy marketing to? If you look closely, you’ll see that displayed along the sides of this ad are screen printed tees that probably say “Old Navy University” or something, and a ton of baggy cargo shorts.  These aren’t exactly the clothes that boys with sleeves usually go for.  It seems like this is an ad for Urban Outfitters that got lost in the mail and ended up being shipped to Old Navy, don’t you think?  Maybe I’m just reading too much into this, but it would be really great to see the men’s section of this store become a little more updated and hip, so that the clothing can reflect the advertising.  They’ve certainly done it with their women’s line. 


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