Rachael Ray: Trendy or Terrorist?


I keep seeing this story on every blog I read.  Apparently, Rachael Ray wore a scarf that looks like a keffiyeh in a Dunkin Donuts ad, and now some people are pissed.  For Michelle Malkin, a conservative columnist, keffiyehs are a symbol of the “murderous Palestinian jihad,” and as such, should not be worn as a fashion accessory.  Dunkin Donuts caved to the criticism and pulled the commercial.  They defended themselves by stating that the stylist was the one who picked the scarf, and “absolutely no symbolism was intended.”  Urban Outfitters recently caught some heat for selling similar-looking neckwear. I like to think that I am usually a culturally sensitive person, but I really don’t think there is anything offensive about Rachael Ray wearing that scarf, other than the fact that it doesn’t look good on her.  Everywhere I turn, there is one hipster or another with one of these things on, and none of them look like proponents of terrorism.  Is it a big deal to you that she’s wearing a keffiyeh, or should people just get over it and let her shill some Coolatas?


2 thoughts on “Rachael Ray: Trendy or Terrorist?

  1. Well, I’m not concerned with Rachael Ray or trendy hipsters being terrorists, but I am concerned with misguided cultural appropriation. Urban Outfitters was selling scarfs that looked like keffiyah’s because trendy Americans wanting to make a statement (or look hardcore) think that they can display Palestinian solidarity by buying clothes that have no cultural significance to them. Buying things doesn’t replace actual organizing work and wearing cultural clothing that doesn’t belong to you contributes to oppression.

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