Hang Me Up To Dry

I just read an article from Fashionista.com that says the television show Living Lohan has finally killed the black nail polish trend.  For me on the other hand, the trend died in highschool along with using white out as nail polish during 1st period biology.  Until recently my addiction has been the almost black purples and navy blues, but ever since the temperatures have started to rise I have found myself pining for brights.  Pinks and corals have been my colors du jour and I have yet to play with highlighter inspired shades. 

In the end I don’t want to wait until Lindsay Lohan’s family pushes a trend into its grave; we all know the Lohan’s are prone to sucking a fad dry.

Polishes come from Essie and OPI


One thought on “Hang Me Up To Dry

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I must confess that I saw 1/2 of the “Living Lohan” episode this weekend and 1/2 of the “Denise Richards” one – just to have a laugh – and now I can’t decide which is more retarded, the Richards family or the Lohan family. It’s seriously disturbing that they are in people’s living rooms, for some regularly… scary.

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