Shape Up

The heat is upon us and all I want to wear is less.  It’s time to get back in shape, but I let my YMCA pass expire last October.  I would rather spend my gym membership money on underwear that will suck me in,  but once again I am reminded that less is more during the unending Florida summers.   I have a library of dusty yoga videos, some running shoes, a jump rope, some very light hand weights, and a hula hoop (I’m still not convinced that’s actually going to help me tone up), but my only true hope for a decent workout is to drag myself to a real gym.  And so my search for gym appropriate and comfy active wear has begun. 

Bebe Sport, Zipper Pocket pant  ($79)

Norma Kamali, Everlast Black racing stripe running pants ($75)

Diesel, Dunst jumpsuit ($240)

C9 by champion, Platinum Pullover ($29.99)

Newton Running, Mesh stretch nylon cushion racer ($160)

C9 by Champion, Running Singlette ($14.99)





One thought on “Shape Up

  1. I like the shirt. Did you know Norma Kamali is designing a collection for Walmart. I wrote about it on my blog. It’s kind cool if you want to check it out.

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