MET Costume Institute Gala: The Morning After

Last night in NYC, the Costume Institute hosted its annual gala (this year’s theme was superheroes).  I’m told it’s a pretty exclusive event, but how am I supposed to believe that when I see that they’re letting Hilary Duff in? Anyway, I’m not sure if this was the best year of the gala in terms of the fashion, but I did see a few outfits that I thought represented the theme in a stylish way.  Keep reading to see my favorites, and my concerns.


Honestly, my favorite look of the night came not from any celebrities or models — I thought Zac Posen nailed the Superhero theme while still looking hip.  He’s a modern day Clark Kent in shiny pants! 


Here are the rest of my faves, in random order:

I am only including Ashley in my favorites list because MK looks like a damn mess.  There’s sexy bedhead, and then there’s looking like someone just gave you a super noogie.  Ashley, on the other hand, looks sleek and classy, and she’s showing just the right amount of skin.

 Maggie Gyllenhaal in Peter Som.  Love this one for the colors.


Caroline Tetrini, giving Catwoman a run for her money.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, new Miss Balenciaga.  Old Miss Balenciaga can be seen in the background.

Bee Shaffer, looking like a fairytale in Nina Ricci.


Kimora Lee Simmons. It’s a whole lotta look.

Call me jealous, but I am not a fan of Giselle’s Atelier Versace dress. Side boob makes me queasy.

Anna Wintour in Chanel. I am actually still on the fence about whether I like this or not, but for now it’s staying where it is. I think it’s just too ram-ish for me.

I had been warming up to Victoria Beckham and her delightfully tacky ways up until seeing this dress. Bleghh

Who Did Your Make-Up??

I love Jessica Stam, but her make-up is giving the illusion that her face is melting off.

Fergie. I’m questioning the make-up, but decidedly against the dress.

I think this is a good, terrifying photo to end the post on. 


If you want to see more pictures from the Gala, head over to


One thought on “MET Costume Institute Gala: The Morning After

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your comments and assessments! LOVE LOVE LOVE Bee Shaffer’s entire look. She is beyond elegant and stylish!

    Now, it’s about Tom Cruise. What kind of heels is the man wearing that he’s suddenly two inches taller than Katie Holmes?? She must have terrible back problems from always having to throw out her hip to slouch so she’s shorter than him. Poor thing.

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