Regional Dressing: Gainesville, FL



Sorry to get all personal-journal on everyone, but I need to get this out.  Of all the cities in Florida, Gainesville is hands down my favorite.  Everywhere you need to go is in biking distance, all of your friends are also your neighbors, and the food is pretty amazing wherever you go.  A few weeks ago I went to watch a friend’s band, Baby Rat, play and I got to see people I haven’t hung out with in ages.  For living in such a small town, my friends in Gainesville are as stylish, if not more so, than most people living in large, metropolitan areas.  So begins the first post in our newest feature, Regional Dressing!

My gold shoes from Ebay!



This guy was hilarious.  It was after 2:00am and I was a little out of sorts and feeling bold enough to ask strangers for pictures.  When I asked him if I could snap his photo, he told me no! Well in my inebriated state I wasn’t taking no for an answer and insisted. Luckily for him, he finally acquiesced to my demands — but said he wouldn’t pose. Well buddy, I caught you in mid-smile and I got to say, it couldn’t have come out better!


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