Style Options: Bows!


I’m probably a little late on this trend, but I’ve got to say — I am loving all the bow-inspired pieces I’ve been seeing everywhere lately!  When I saw a DIY bow necklace featured on StyleBytes, I had to try it for myself.  So, I borrowed one of my boyfriend’s clip on bow ties and stuck it on an old Forever21 chain I had lying around that was missing its charm, and voila! Perfect new necklace (P.S. Yeah, I know — smoking and drinking = bad, but my necklace = cute so this photo is staying!).


Need more bows? Look no further:



Clockwise from top left:

1. Carmen Headband, Forever 21 ($3.80)

2. Lizete – Flirty Blouse, Theory ($160)

3. Solid Bow Hair Clips (I just realized these are out of stock at the store I found them at, but check out Etsy for many, many great alternatives)

4. Oversized Bow Dress, Zac Posen ($2,200 – haha)

5. Mesh Bow and Rose Bracelet, Betsey Johnson ($50)



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