It-Bag Addicts and their Birkin Dealers


Reuters had a pretty interesting article today about Micheal Tonello, a fashion buyer who learned how to bypass waiting lists (sometimes two years long) for Birkin bags.  He would buy them at Hermes locations all over, reselling them at marked up prices to wealthy clients who didn’t like to wait in lines, either.  He revealed that during a three month period in 2005, he bought 130 bags at different Hermes stores!    Want to know his secret? Tonello says, “I would go into a store with a list in my Hermes Ulysse notebook and pile up scarves, shawls, bracelets, worth about $2,000. This made me seem a regular Hermes client.”  Okay, so that plan doesn’t sound that secretive, really — don’t most people who can afford to shop at Hermes look like “regulars” anyway?  So, for those of you out there that have $6,000 to $85,000 burning a hole in your designer wallet, don’t let those salesgirls wave waiting lists in your face — they’ve probably got a few bags in back.


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