The Surf’s Gone Up!



When I was in middle/early high school, I would always stop in stores like PacSun to check out the latest printed tees and (overpriced) swimsuits.  I stopped frequenting these places because they seemed to stay stagnant design-wise, churning out the same predictable pieces, while I progressed into different looks.  Lately, though, surf brands have been popping up everywhere — I’ve see them in recent Nylon spreads and also on today’s WWD cover, which features Cory Kennedy wearing a pretty cute dress by Hurley.  My curiousty got the best of me and after checking out sites for PacSun, Karmaloop, Alloy, and Roxy, I’m happy to report that these surf store brands have a lot to offer these days, and at very reasonable prices.  Now I just want to get out of work, get into that paisley print dress, and start my weekend!

Clockwise, from top left:

1. Spice It Up Tote, Roxy ($52) 

2. Multi-Color Star Necklace, Kirra ($7.50)

3.  Crochet-Trim Tank, Fire ($32.50)

4.  Yellow Denim Short, Bullhead ($36.50)

5.  Love Make Woven Dress, Lucy Love ($49.50)

6.  Treehugger Sandal, Naughty Monkey ($50)


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