Not So Thinspiring

Today’s Times Online features an article about a new anti-anorexia promotion law that’s currently tabled in France.  The law is aimed at preventing the media (pro-ana websites and blogs in particular) and the fashion industry from promoting people  “to seek excessive thinness by encouraging prolonged restriction of nourishment to the point of risking death or damage to health.”  Those found guilty could face fines and as many as two years in prison.  Does this really sound enforceable to you though?  So they shut down a few pro-ana blogs in France — that doesn’t stop the rest of the world from creating website shrines to Vlada and other fashion waifs.  It’s also unlikely that the law would actually cause designers and fashion magazine editors to consider using healthier models — when and if they do that, it will be because the trends are changing and skinny girls are “over,” not because the government is telling them so.  


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