Funkshion Fashion Week: Heatherette



On Saturday night, Heatherette showed their line at Funkshion with a little twist: instead of using the typical runway format, the duo constructed a setting complete with make-up chairs, mirrors, and stylists to create the illusion of backstage, pre-show mayhem.  Richie Rich said that he just wanted to “do something different,” an explanation that suits both the show and the clothing that he and Travor Rains presented.  Many pieces were wildy colored, shiny, and so appropriately Miami.   This over-the-top theme fit in well with their new M.A.C collaboration, which was prominately displayed by the make-up artists who were touching up the models onstage.  There were also a few fun prints — I spied dresses covered in little vampires that really were cuter than the idea sounds.  To get a better look at the outfits, the models, and all that make-up, keep reading below!




Mena Suvari was adorable, but here she shows us that tube tops are usually more trouble than they’re worth. Also, check out Richie’s sequined owl purse/lipgloss holder- love it!



Maybe it’s just because I’m on a Vampire Weekend kick at the moment, but I cannot get over this print!


Watch out, Agyness Deyn.





One thought on “Funkshion Fashion Week: Heatherette

  1. hi there!
    i was a model in this show and I was wondering if there were any other photos you took at the event.
    please contact me and let me know it would be greatly appreciated!!


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