Funkshion Fashion Week: Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez


Funkshion, Miami Beach’s very own fashion week, is in full swing right now, and it’s in good company–the city is hosting a multitude of party-friendly events right now, including a Winter Music Conference.  Michelle and I will be heading down there Saturday, so be on the look out for full coverage of the shows, the parties, and all of the gloriously tacky beachwear that we will most certainly encounter.  In the meantime, we’ll be covering some of the highlights of the show from our Internet vantage point.

First up is Sweetface, Jennifer Lopez’s higher-end response to her original JLO line.  I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the photos I’ve seen.   The pieces weren’t exactly revolutionary, but they were chic and wearable and it looks like Jennifer is digging mustard colored-anythings just as much as I have been.  My favorite design was a short, gray cowl-necked dress that would be great for a party or, if you added a nice blazer, perfect for the workplace.  Keep reading for more photos, all courtesy of Greko Sklavounos.






2 thoughts on “Funkshion Fashion Week: Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez

  1. ive been reading and i like it so far. 🙂
    2 things i have noticed:
    Sometimes (not this time), its not clear who is writing the article. I know iam a newbie ’round here, and havent yet picked up on your individual styles, but adding a name to the article would be nice.

    Secondly, I am not sure if the jumps are working how you intend them to. I use google reader to keep up on blogs, and for my other blogs, if there is a jump, i cant see past it without visiting the actual website. For yours i see the entire post in my google reader. While i prefer your method, its not very good for site hits. I suspect the other sites use the jump feature to not only keep the homepage clean, but to see how many people liked a particular article, and to force people to their page to see their advertising.

    anyways, keep it up. i like it.

  2. I LOVE Sweetface! I’ve been so excited about this line ever since I first read about it. I saw that is having a sample sale tomorrow on this collection! I’m addicted to this website…they always have fabulous designers at super great deals.

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