Party time! Skate Park of Tampa Show

Saturday night, Michelle and I braved the rainy weather to go check out Kimya Dawson and Band of Horse at the Skate Park of Tampa’s Pro Vert party.  The skater-dominated crowd was mostly outfitted in hoodies, which turned out to be an advantage — all of the bands performed outdoors and I got a total case of wet head watching them. There were quite a few stylish individuals there, but we didn’t get to capture many of them on camera.  Keep reading to see the pictures we did manage to snap!

Michelle and me! If you’re wondering what the rest of our outfits were like, we both just wore black skinny jeans.

A stylish surprise! Chloe Sevigny 

One of the cutely-dressed — and slightly damp — concertgoers.    Makes me wish I was a ginger!


Kids on stage during Kimya Dawson (I’m loving the pink pants!)- photo courtesy of Michael Chavarria

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