I couldn’t resist!

 I was at Target under the guise of buying replacement water filters, but I think we all know my real reason for visiting — Jovovich Hawk! My Target in St. Petersburg had a lot of the styles that are featured on their website, plus a few more cute options.  The piece that I took home with me is the maroon dress that I’m wearing above.  Don’t adjust your computer screens — the buttons are diagonally aligned on purpose.  You can’t see them, but there are also buttons on the tops of the shoulders and on the bottom of each side of the dress.  If I go back to peruse the line some more, I think I might take a closer look at the star-print bikini, which looked really good in person and also incorporates the star trend that’s going on without being too mall-punky.  

A word of warning: I would advise against buying any of the outfits on Target’s website, as I feel the sizing is pretty irregular and it would probably be best to get in the fitting room and try on the clothes before you make any purchasing decisions.  I’m a size 4 US but the dress I got ended up being an XS. 


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