Appalachian Fashion?

So, I went to North Carolina this weekend with my boyfriend and his brother to visit their aunt. I was excited, because I figured I could *finally* wear some cold weather outfits, as Florida’s atmosphere has been hovering around the 75 degree mark for about a month.  What ended up happening, though, was that I turned out to be a horrible packer and nothing I brought was appropriate (can’t wear my brown lace-up heels hiking on a mountain).  This sad fact meant that I had to dress pretty utilitarian for most of my time there, so I only have a few pictures I want to show that I think are a little style-worthy. 

Pre-snowboarding/pre-pain on Saturday. These sunglasses totally saved me — I think the sun is brighter on the mountains or something, because I couldn’t get an inch out of any dwelling without these on. I got mine at a Salvation Army in St. Petersburg, but I’ve seen similar pairs on 80’s Purple
My boyfriend ended up being the most stylish person on our trip.  Both the hoodie and the gloves were on super sale at Urban Outfitters.  Also, those are the first icicles I’ve ever seen that were not made out of tinsel.
I found gloves! From another major sale at Forever21.  All the stores in Florida were cleaning out their winter stocks, which is the perfect time to grab some things for the next winter season on the cheap.
Maybe there was no reason to even attempt to be fashionable when you’re in the Smoky Mountains–after all, the scenery is going to beat you in the beauty department every time.

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