Style Options: Winter Gloves

I’m going to North Carolina this weekend and I’m trying to figure out what my best options are for keeping warm.  When I saw Burberry Prorsum’s Fall/Winter 2008 RTW line, my question was answered: gloves!  Pictured on the far left, Christopher Bailey has come out with fingerless gloves that come in the perfect winter colors.  I also think that the length of the gloves adds visual interest.  One part of me thinks that maybe fingerless gloves are silly, though–after all, what’s the point of wearing gloves if they’re not going to cover your whole hand?  Another part of me, however, is too consumed with how great these gloves would look with a 3/4 sleeve winter coat.  Besides, I can always bring an emergency pair of mittens. I invite you to join me as I highlight my top alternatives to Burberry’s olive fingerless gloves.


The black fingerless gloves that are pictured coming out of a grave (that’s not creepy at all?) can be found at Sock Dreams ($9).  Black gloves can go with anything, and I love how long this particular pair is.  If you’re interested, Sock Dreams also has any kind of sock you could ever imagine, plus 300 others that you didn’t know were even possible.  Their stuff is also of great quality and very budget-friendly.

The black pair of gloves on the model comes to you courtesy of Prada (on sale for $137 at Neiman Marcus). This pair would be a back-up to fingerless gloves, in case of frozen extremities.  I see these gloves as a timeless wardrobe staple, meaning that if I did spend the money on them, I think I would get a lot of use out of them–when would black Prada gloves ever go out of style?

The final pair of gloves in the separate picture below the collage are from Etsy and named “Olive Twist.”  I really, really, really need these gloves.  Despite being fingerless, they look like they could provide some major hand warmth. I am also in love with the color, which reminds me of the Burberry gloves.  I am also not hating the price ($15). 

 There you have it! Now I have to go pack, and hopefully find some gloves of my own. Look out for North Carolina wardrobe pictures, coming soon!


One thought on “Style Options: Winter Gloves

  1. I love the fingerless gloves…..I’m gonna try and knit me a pair….The funny thing about wearing gloves is that I can never find the matching pair…I lose them in days!!! lol…

    Thanks for the post!!! it was good reading!!

    Fashion Addik

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