RTW Fall/Winter 2008: Marc Jacobs


  Marc Jacobs presented his fall/winter 2008 line on Friday night in NYC.  I have gone through his lookbook on style.com a few times since then, but every time I still come out feeling uneasy about the whole line.  I understand that there is a theme of comfort and sportswear involved, but I guess I don’t see why these themes can’t involve clothes that fit well.  To me, many of the jackets that he showed would not look visually appealing on any woman–even the models that are walked the runway looked lumpy and ill-proportioned, and these are women whose careers are based on looking beautiful!  I also do not think that his color scheme did the garments any favors.  As a pretty serious Marc Jacobs fan, it disappoints me to search through a whole season of his designs and consign myself to being underwhelmed.  I did like his Marc by Marc line presented earlier last week.  This signature Marc Jacobs line, however, is just not what I would pick to wear to keep warm and look good in during the winter months.


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