Do You Bamboo?


 I’ve heard the bamboo hype–that it’s unbelievable when used as a fabric  and it supports organic/sustainable living–but I’ve never had any first-hand experience with its wearability until today, when I happened across Shirts of Bamboo, a small clothing store on Central Avenue near downtown St. Petersburg.  When I went inside, I was pleasantly surprised to find out two things: one, they were having an inventory sale and everything was marked down (woo!), and two, this bamboo stuff is just as soft and comfy as everyone has been saying!   I learned that along with being soft, bamboo fabric is as durable as cotton if not more so, and bamboo can also grow up to four feet a day (!!!), so it’s not causing any harm to use it in our clothing.

My boyfriend and I both picked up shirts–a v-neck pocket tee and a black thermal long-sleeved shirt, respectively–and we both walked out feeling pretty good about the purchases.  The clothes range in prices from around $20 for shirts up to $48 for hoodies.   They also have amazingly soft towels (pictured above, left) and other bamboo-made accessories, like headbands.  If you don’t live in Florida, the store has the added feature of an online shop.  So, if you’re interested in “green” living and also like to have comfortable basics, bamboo is definitely the solution for you!


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