Style Options: Gray Heels


 Fashion Week in New York is finally winding down, and in its wake I’ve spotted some noteworthy trends. One of these trends is shown on Ginnifer Goodwin, who was, in my opinion, one of the best dressed celebrities at the tents.  It’s Ginnifer’s shoes that have got my attention in this shot (though I love her skirt too!).  Gray suede heels have been popping up all over (just take a look at The Sartorialist’s page too).  If you want to try out this look as much as I do, keep reading to see a few different styles and where to buy them!Going from the top right, the first pair of shoes is Nine West ($130). I like this pair because they are the closest in appearance to what I would envision my perfect gray suede heel to be.  Nine West in general is a staple shoe choice for me, as they always seem to have stores in the outlet malls that cover Florida, meaning cheaper prices for quality shoes!The second pair is by Kate Spade ($260). They’re not in my price range by any stretch of the imagination, but if you want a sleek and sophisticated gray heel and you’ve got a credit card burning a hole in your wallet, I would definitely recommend this shoe. The final pair is by Seychelles ($84).  Although they aren’t suede, they are still a very cute pair of shoes, although in a more playful way than the other two.  They’re also less than $100, which doesn’t hurt at all.Picture of Ginnifer Goodwin courtesy of Getty Images.


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