Thinking Warm Thoughts

Alright so I know it’s February, but Michelle and I also live in Florida and today the high is 82. So while the greater portion of our country is cuddling up to their thick sweaters and tights, we have more practical concerns: swimwear. This spring/summer, I am really advocating the return of the one piece.  I think they are sophisticated and occassionally more feminine than bikinis.  The hard part, as always, is finding pieces to fit my price range. Pictured above are three one pieces that I think are worthy of attention.

The top swimsuit is from Juicy Couture($164), a brand I am usually a little weary of.  I really like the silver, although I’m not sure if the ruffled bottom would be too immature for someone my age. Overall, however, I think it’s a really cute swimsuit.

 The bottom two suits are from Target, and I included them because they have a more realistic chance of accompanying me to the beach come April.  These pieces are in the $30-40 range, and if you are from a warm place like I am, it’s good to have a few cheaper swimsuits because you will use them more and they will experience more wear/tear.

Editor’s tip: Discount clothing chains like TJ Maxx and Marshalls sometimes have good swimwear selections–I’ve personally seen more than one Michael Kors swimsuit jammed onto the rack, at half of its original price!


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